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iOS bug resolved by Apple

After quite a while Apple has finally resolved the problem with iOS VPN Manager, which stopped DNS Override from properly overwriting preferred DNS in iOS. The issue has been finally resolved in iOS 10 beta 2 after over 4 months of our continuous efforts.
We will be asking Apple to include the fix in upcoming stable iOS 9.3.3 release (currently at public beta 4). This would allow our users to take advantage of DNS Override before public iOS 10 release (planned for Fall 2016).

Update / 13th of September 2016:
Today iOS 10 was released. We can confirm that the problem is now resolved in iOS 10. Unfortunately Apple did not include the fix in any of the iOS 9.3 releases (9.3 – 9.3.5).

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4 thoughts on “iOS bug resolved by Apple

  • In ios 10.0.1 the dns override still says in the vpn Dialog “ein unerwarteter Fehler ist aufgetreten” which means in English: an unexpected error occoured…
    Problem already NOT fixed in ios 10 by apple…

    I think they are not interested to fix it, while the ads companies don’t like that and pay apple NOT to allow it!

    • The VPN dialog is not relevant, as you shouldn’t even try to connect with the installed VPN profile. This profile is there as a technical mean to enforce your DNS settings, but there is no VPN server on the other end. So this profile can’t be connected, even if everything is working as expected.

      To test if DNS Override works properly, you can follow this procedure:
      – set your preferred DNS servers in DNS Override app
      – launch Safari, go to
      – perform the basic test and see if your device connected with the expected DNS servers
      – try different settings in DO app and perform the test again – you should see different results on depending on which profile you select in DO app.

      • Hi Admin. Thank you for the written step by step solution…and….you’re right!! No connection over VPN needed to establish. It works with the option ” bei Bedarf verbinden ” ( use if required ) . Well done, so I got over the dnsleaktest website a response with my custom DNS ” ” and this is now what I want 👍👍 Thank you!!!

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